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How to Cope With Hearing Loss in Social Settings

Expert tips for handling celebrations, restaurant outings and more

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Janna, Hard of Hearing Mama, Posts a Reel About How CaptionMate Helps Her

@hardofhearingmama 's Instagram Account

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Hard of Hearing Mama, Janna, reviews CaptionMate on her blog

Hard of Hearing Mama blog post

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Jon Gray of CaptionMate: “Unwavering Determination”

Five things you need to know to successfully create technology that can make a positive social impact

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Hearing Like Me Reviews Phone Captioning Apps

Phone captioning apps for people with hearing loss

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Janna, Hard of Hearing Mama, Posts an Instagram Story About CaptionMate

@hardofhearingmama 's Instagram Account

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Social Impact Tech: Jon Gray of CaptionMate On How Their Technology Will Make An Important Positive

Authority Magazine Interview

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Abigail Heringer shares about CaptionMate on her Instagram

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Learn How to Access Captioned Telephone Service

Clear2Connect Article

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Free captioned telephone service for those with hearing loss

Department of Veterans' Affairs Article

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HLAA Product Showcase Webinar: CaptionMate

Jon Gray, business manager for CaptionMate, demonstrates CaptionMate’s offering and explains how it differs from the other IP CTS choices.

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FCC Grants Conditional Certification to Clarity Products to Provide IP CTS Using ASR Technology

HLAA Announcement

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AppAdvice lets users know the best apps to download

AppAdvice chose CaptionMate as an app to highlight on their page for one of the best apps to download

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