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CaptionMate is a free app that instantly transcribes both sides of a phone call.

This real-time captioning service is free to anyone with hearing loss, and is paid for by a fund administered by the FCC (Federal Communications Commision).

CaptionMate is there to assist you in your personal, work or school life. This simple tool makes communicating easier with your mobile phone, landline, tablet or computer.

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Why choose us?

Free Access
Funded by a government program

If you have hearing loss and require captioning, you are eligible for free service!

Real-time captioning
Immediate transcription

Instantly see in text what the other person is saying. Send a link so they can see it too!

Works with many devices

Use your smart phone or tablet. Even use your landline, flip phone or computer!

We take privacy seriously

Automated speech recognition means that no one is listening to or reading your captions.

Professional support
Highly trained customer care

We want you to have the best experience and are here to help!

Available in over 100 languages

Including English, French, Spanish, and German.

What people are saying
  • CaptionMate is awesome! The speed and accuracy of transcriptions are excellent. Privacy is important to me, with CaptionMate I can now make phone calls without a third-party captionist or caller assistant (CA) involved.

    - James

  • I used to cringe every time the phone rang, but CaptionMate took away my fear.

    - Debra

  • I like the option to change the background for the font and colors, etc. I like seeing both sides of the conversation captioned. The captioning is very fast and accurate. This is the most important feature of CaptionMate.

    - Carlos

  • I work for the State of NC in the Division for Deaf and Hard of Hearing and have made a few calls with great transcribing accuracy. I would highly recommend the CaptionMate App.

    - Rick

  • I wanted to let you know that CaptionMate has been a HUGE benefit to me and helps me communicate and gives me the confidence to make calls that I would not normally make. I am hoping for CaptionMate’s continued success as I would not know what to do without it now!

    - Frank

  • Using CaptionMate has completely changed the way I communicate. It is fast and accurate and no more miscommunication. It is faster than the 3rd party relay service, and the privacy is extremely important to me. My confidence level has improved tremendously and I love CaptionMate.

    - Missy

  • CaptionMate is gamechanger for understanding phone calls much better and with more confidence since I was born deaf. This app is a MUST for people like me. For 28 years, I have avoided making or receiving phone calls because of me misunderstanding information. With CaptionMate, I rarely text anymore and love to make calls again!

    - Will

  • I love this app because I can have a conversation on my phone and see the conversation in real time on my tablet or PC. ... I have tried other similar apps but this is the best due to its tablet and PC real time display of the conversation.

    - CaptionMate User

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